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BOC, a member of The Linde Group, provides turnkey systems for the chemical and biological treatment of water and wastewater, within the industrial and muncipal water treatment arena. BOC has a team of experienced water specialists who will work with you to gain a detailed understanding of your issues so we can offer you the right solution. We can... Read more
  • BOC: Primox® dosing system for sewer oxygenation
    BOC: Vitox® high-velocity jet oxygenation process
    BOC: Solvox-B® diffuser hose aeration system



    BOC offers: oxygen; air and oxygen; carbon dioxide. to: greenfield; retrofit; turnkey systems. for treating sludges, water, wastewater, sewage and fish farms (aquaculture)...
  • BOC: Solvocarb® pH control system for wastewater treatment
    BOC: BOC improves effluent quality for Kimberly Clark


    Gas dosing systems

    Offers gas dosing systems that neutralise alkaline waters quickly and easily with carbon dioxide. The systems are inexpensive, safe and environmentally friendly. They adjustd the alkaline level of wastewaters to the obligatory range between pH 9 and pH 6.5 ensuring industries comply with their pH consent conditions....
  • BOC: AXENIS™ Oxy MBR wastewater treatment sytem


    Biological treatment

  • BOC: Emergency Oxygenation Service for wastewater treatment


    Water treatment

    BOC has over 30 years' experience of providing technology and process solutions, consultancy and turnkey systems for the chemical and biological treatment of water and wastewater using carbon dioxide, oxygen and ozone. The company's technical experts work closely with customers to develop the best solution whether treating effluent water from...
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    BOC supplies a range of industrial gases and chemicals to the water and wastewater treatment market, both for industrial and municipal processes. Chemicals Carbon dioxide used for pH adjustment, water softening and hardening, scale control and nitrate removal; available in cylinders or bulk tankers; solvocarb pH control system offers injection and...
  • BOC

    Gas generators

    BOC offers: oxygen; ozone; carbon dioxide. plant and complete turnkey systems for the chemical and advanced wet oxidation of water and wastewater. A high pressure, high temperature water oxidation process provides complete destruction of all organic compounds including pathogens. Also offers ozone generation systems used in colour removal...
  • BOC

    Industrial gases

    BOC supplies a range of industrial gases, including: oxygen; carbon dioxide; nitrogen; hydrogen; argon; calibration gases; chlorine; ammonia; sulphur dioxide; refrigerant gases; methane, butane, propane and LPG. The company has a range of supply modes from cylinders to bulk tankers depending on clients’ requirements. BOC also offers ozone...
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