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Jacopa was created in March 2015 following the sale of Ovivo Inc's highly respected UK municipal business to the existing senior management team. The agreement brings some of the UK’s best-known wastewater brands - Copa, Jones+Attwood, Aquator, Tomkinson and MBR Technology, including a licence for Brackett Green products under the new Jacopa... Read more
  • Jacopa: Jaopa® RBI (rotating bar interceptor) screen
    Jacopa: Ovivo Spiral Screen
    Jacopa: CopaSac® screening system
    Jacopa: J+A Washpactor™ screen
    Jacopa: Brackett Bosker® automatic trash raking screen
    Jacopa: Brackett Green CF200™ band screens


    Municipal / industrial screens

    Manufacturer of screens for new water intakes at power and industrial complexes, and for water treatment schemes and similar applications where filtration and mechanical treatment of water and wastewater is required. Water intake screens include single- and double-entry cup, dual flow band, skip raked bar and weedscreen models. Wastewater screens...
  • Jacopa: J+A Crossflow™ Detritor grit removal
    Jacopa: J+A Bache Classifier™ grit washer
    Jacopa: J+A CIS™ combined inlet system
    Jacopa: J+A Jeta® grit trap
    Jacopa: J+A screw classifier


    Grit and silt removal

    Manufactures and supplies dissolved air flotation systems. These are designed for separating and removing suspended solids from liquid by attachment of micro-sized air bubbles to the suspended particles. Also offers grit traps that produce a grit-free liquid and a cleaned, well-washed, drained grit....
  • Jacopa: Wastewater treatment, Holmen Paper, Madrid
    Jacopa: WWTW, Bushmills, Northern Ireland
    Jacopa: Grit removal process, Minworth STW
    Jacopa: Jeta Grit Trap installation


    Water treatment

    Jacopa's focus is on the purification and conservation of global water resources. The company's experience includes source water treatment, wastewater treatment and reuse, and pollution prevention. Technologies include fish protection, grit removal, screening, clarification, sedimentation, digestion, aeration, filtration, flotation, membrane...
  • Jacopa: Ovivo Containerized MBR units
    Jacopa: Copa® SAF wastewater treatment plant
    Jacopa: Jacopa RBC (Rotating Biological Contactor)


    Biological treatment

    Offers a high-performance submerged aerated biological treatment system for domestic and industrial wastes. Providing discharges with BOD and suspended solids levels well below consent levels, each system is designed to meet specific client and site requirements. Units are also available for hire to cater for emergency response requirements and...
  • Jacopa: Copa® circular tank scraper bridges
    Jacopa: Scraper bridges refurbishment for sewage treatment works



    Traction drive primary tank scrapers can be supplied in half bridge, three-quarter bridge or full bridge formats suitable for concrete column, steel column or tripod centre feed designs. Final settlement tank scrapers are designed solely for final scraping duties and can be provided with the most up-to-date features, including variable depth true...
  • Jacopa: EWT™ dissolved air flotation


    Air flotation

    Manufactures and supplies dissolved air flotation systems. These are designed for separating and removing suspended solids from liquid by attachment of micro-sized air bubbles to the suspended particles. Also offers grit traps that produce a grit-free liquid and a cleaned, well-washed, drained grit....
  • Jacopa: Copa® filter bed distributors


    Biological filters

    Jacopa offers filter distributors suited to almost all filter bed applications ranging between 3 metres and 50 metres diameter, various drive options are available, waterwheel, jet, motor etc. to accommodate various flow rates and site conditions. Copa® distributors can be fitted onto their own duckfoot for new installations, or retro fitted to...
  • Jacopa: J+A grit pump


    Water / wastewater / effluent pumps

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    Low-speed surface aerators provide economical mixing and aeration in wastewater treatment processes. Features include excellent oxygen transfer and mixing efficiencies, and power turndown without the loss of mixing. Also offers dual impeller aerators for generating higher basin velocities using less power. The surface impeller is primarily...
  • Jacopa

    Automatic self-cleaning filters

    Manufactures automatic backflush filters for applications in the automotive, nuclear, offshore production, paper processing, pharmaceutical and plastics sectors, as well as in thermal power stations and wastewater treatment plants. Filter elements are available with either Brackett Green's patented design of breathing element made from...
  • Jacopa


    Radial flow and cross flow settlement tanks for both domestic and industrial applications. Primary and final settlement tanks can be manufactured in GRP up to 7m diameter and in stainless steel up to 4m diameter and are suitable for above ground or below ground installation....
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  • Jacopa

    Dewatering presses

    Supplies industrial effluent treatment plant including belt and chamber presses. Belt presses are available in sizes up to 3m wide. Applications include use in the treatment of effluent from coal, sand, gravel and quarry processing, and chemical and food processing effluent treatment....
  • Jacopa

    Fish protection

  • Jacopa

    Flushing systems

    Manufactures automatic tipping bucket systems for the flushing and cleaning of stormwater holding tanks. Products have a durable stainless steel construction, making them maintenance free and able to provide a long service life. Tipping buckets can be integrated into new systems or retrofitted. Several units can be arranged in series for...
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